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Neurodiversity and Government Advocacy

Thoughts for William & Mary neurodiversity class, March 14, 2018 . . . 

What is government advocacy?
The most common form of government advocacy advances the goals of groups, which may be membership organizations, corporations, foreign governments, or other groups before our government (either state or federal.)Advocates may be professional lobbyists, lawyers, or concerned members of affected groups.
Advocates use their knowledge of issues, relationships, and experience in government to advance their agendas.In many cases they compete with – or are opposed by – other advocates with different agendas.
Often members of a group have divergent or mutually exclusive goals.Other times totally different groups focus on a single issue with identical approaches and objectives.
Most times, the group doing the advocacy defines itself and the advocacy.Other times, the central government defines the group, and seeks representatives.
There is another form of advocacy within our legal system.In t…

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